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TrickedPC : Advertise With Us

Welcome to TrickedPc Media-Kit page.This page will have all the information which you will be requiring to advertise your product TrickedPC.

About Us :-

Hi, I’m Parth Kaushik and the person behind TrickedPC. I solely manages TrickedPC . I will be the point of contact for all media-related enquiry, and let me give you an over-view and available advertisement options. TrickedPC is aimed at building a better Web and it pioneer in sharing various Piece of interesting Technology as well as various Software. We share Tech news as well as Hands on for various products on TrickedPC.

Product Review :-

We understand that Every product has it’s own requirements and we are fully equipped with all the skills which is required by a Product to reach masses. We review products and will be providing Review of that particular product. Beside providing review, we will be sharing hands on for our Esteemed Sponsors. We have written Review for various products including that of Lenovo.

Price :-

I’m a strong believer of “One price doesn’t fit all” and that’s why depending upon product, we quote price for the review. If interested, One can contact me [email protected]

Oh, and yes, if you have any other queries, feel free to contact me at [email protected] .


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