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Adobe Partnership Could Be a Game Changer for Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3

Adobe Partnership Could Be a Game Changer for Microsoft's Surface Pro 3

It was a shock for many when Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella paid a surprise visit during Monday’s keynote presentation at Adobe’s Max creativity conference.

He was there to reveal the partnership between Adobe and Microsoft , the two companies dedicated to bring Powerful apps to the Touch Screen platform of Windows 8.1 . One of those apps is the new Project Animal, an animation app with Kinect-like gesture and speech-recognition abilities .

Adobe’s After Effects team created Project Animal . Animal is basically a code name of the Beta Version of the software . What it does is allow users to create animated characters whose gestures and speech they can control using their device’s webcam.

Impressed yet ?? Now , listen what Adobe has to say about it. “By accessing your computer’s webcam, Project Animal will track the movement of your head, mouth, and eyes — including your blinking, glancing, and eyebrow raising — and move your puppet accordingly. When you talk, your character talks. When you feign surprise, so does your character. When you’re grumpy, your character is too” Adobe wrote in a Post.

Although it is yet to be cleared on which devices Animal Project will actually being supported, but the demo was done on Surface Pro 3. But, one thing is for sure, if these two giant companies stick to what they say , then , it’s gonna yield a product to look forward .

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