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‘Angry Birds 2’ launched for Android & iOS,tops the Charts

'Angry Birds 2' launched for Android & iOS,tops the Charts
Angry Birds 2 Snapshots

Angry Bird was probably the most played game back when it was launched and the original Angry Bird took a great takeoff dated back in 2010. Since the release of the original ‘Angry Bird’ , the game has been updated a number of times with a number of spins and even the expansion of the story around which the game of Angry Birds revolved. However, many of the gamers round the world were waiting for the Rovio , the company behind the Angry Birds game, to release a true sequel of the famous tap and release game.

The market has changed dramatically over the years and Rovio made the right step to launch the true sequel of the Angry Birds game at the right time, ‘Angry Birds 2’.

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Gameplay of ‘Angry Birds 2’ :

Gameplay of Angry Birds has always been simple and unique to their idea. This time also, gameplay of Angry Birds 2 is similar to that of the traditional Angry Birds Games. Just for an overview, in the Angry Birds 2 Game, you will have a number of birds which are distinguished on the basis of the powers they possess ( and of course the appearance) and the Pigs in the game are hiding in building structures which is constructed poorly. Your sole aim in the Angry Birds 2 game will to wipe out pigs by making the building crash and make the debris of the pigs hideout to fall on them.

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To do so, you would need to fling the birds. Now, whats the change in Angry Birds 2 game is that now you can take advantage of few new objects in each new level and a new Bird. Moreover, there is also some boss battles, spells as well as some multi stage levels which are unique to the Angry Birds 2 game only.

'Angry Birds 2' launched for Android & iOS,tops the Charts
Angry Birds 2 Snapshots

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Another change in Angry Birds 2 game is that now, you will have a maximum of three lives which means that if you run out of cards, then, like any other gem based game, you will need to spend  gems in order to continue else lose a life. The new Life will be regenerated in 30 minutes time but you can always boost the time of regeneration by using 60 gems. Moreover, these important gems could be bought at 80 for $0.99 and bigger bundles for more money.

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But, what is the drawback or the downside is that gamers have to pay because Angry Birds 2 game contains in game purchase (a lot of them).Moreover, it looks like more spendy when levels become to gain up and become more and more challenging. Overall, the game is quite addictive in nature.Good job Revo !!

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