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Anonymous Hacks Canadian Government,Tries To Hold Ransom

Anonymous Hacks Canadian Government,Tries To Hold Ransom
TrickedPC : Anonymous Hacks Canadian Government,Tries To Hold Ransom

The hacktivist collective Anonymous is threatening a security breach and this time, the victim is Canadian government. Yesterday, hacker in Anonymous told National Post that they have stolen documents from the Canadian government which are considered as a highly sensitive national security documents. Anonymous hackers said that they are prepared to release the important documents if the officer who shot British Colombian protester last week is not arrested.

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Moreover, the Anonymous hackers went on to give Canadian government a deadline and said that if the faulty officer is not arrested by Monday 5 p.m, Pacific Time, then they will release the papers of national security. Anonymous members further sent a document to the National Post which was from the Treasury Board of Canada detailing about the cyber security upgrade at Canadian Security Intelligence Service better known as CSIS.

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The sent document’s authenticity has yet to be verified but still, it could be a serious deal because the document contains a detailed discussion of the cabinet approval of millions of dollars to extend services of CSIS. Moreover, Anonymous members threatened that they are willing to release the documents for they have spend months breaching into Canadian government Websites.

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Just for the record, it all started by a blatant shot down of James McIntyre who was a former Anonymous member last week while he was wearing the iconic Guy Fawkes mask at a protest. Since then, the fallout begun and The Canadian government faced many cyber attacks since then. Canadian Government said that they are monitoring the situation but however denied the Anonymous claims that CSIS’s computer were hit by a hacking DSoS attack.

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In the past, Anonymous threats have turned out nothing but Hoax but of late, they are proving that they still got the juice in them to cause a major stir and Anonymous Hacks Canadian Government just like that !!

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