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Apple Delays It’s iPhone 6 Release Date


Apple is rumored to release iPhone 6 in October 2014 . If the rumor mills are to be believed , then , October is all set to be a busy month for apple since they are planning to release new line of ipads , iphone and possible a new iwatch. 
If the past pattern of Apple’s release months are considered , September was the release month but now , consumers have to wait till October for the new releases .
The next-generation iPhone is ready to hit the market on October 14, at least according to an unnamed source who spoke with the folks at MacRumors. Citing an internal Apple retail store meeting, the source stated October 14 as an “immense” day for Apple and said that October would be a very busy month for the company and its retail stores due to pending release of top Apple products .
Although Apple is gonna release iPhone in October considering the rumors, yet , Apple will actually release it on 16 September event .


If market analyst are to be believed, then , rolling out Apple iPhone in October will surely dent the sales .
Why Apple would change their strategy this year and wait till October is still a debatable topic . So for now, let’s take all this information with the usual grain of salt and wait till iPhone rolls out in October.

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