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Just Swipe – Android Game Review

Just Swipe

Here is our review for just Swipe Game for Android .Just Swipe is a simple yet addictive game published by idsstudio. The basic objective of the game is to swipe the screen as per the arrows indicated on our screen. Sounds easy ? Certainly yes. But wait , not so easy

WordPress 4.0 Released!!

WordPress 4.0 Released!!

WordPress latest version is out of BETA Stage and is available for download. Existing users can download version 4.0 from their Dashboard .Version 4.0 of WordPress is named “Benny” in honor of jazz clarinetist and bandleader Benny Goodman. Nevertheless , the highlight is that WordPress 4.0 Released!! What's New In WordPress

Hidden Android Secret Codes

Android Hidden Secret Codes

Android is most widely used OS for smartphones. it is famous not because it is a part of Google, rather , it is highly customizable and offers great liberty to it's users. In my this post , i am going to share few Android Hidden Secrets Codes. These are good

How To SetUp BIOS Password ?

How To Set Up BIOS Password ?

Setting A BIOS Password is a very important and good practice from security point of view. The reason being that unsecured BIOS can provide a Loop Hole for Smart Hackers who xan Gain Access to your website using BIOS . Now , before learning How To SetUp BIOS Password , Let us

How To Boost Your WiFi Signals ?

With the Advancement in technology , lot of people have switched to WiFi instead of using Wired connections . But , one of the major problem With WiFi is that WiFi signals tends to Fluctuate and many users complain that there signals are so weak that they are hardly able

Facebook To Pay You Now For Bugs !!

Facebook To Pay You Now

For years , Facebook has maintained a bounty program for bug hunters . They tend to provide a handsome amount to those who helps In finding out bugs and glitches in their security system and website .Now also , Facebook is extending it's bounty program Oculus Rift, which was acquired

How To Access Blocked Website Using Proxy

Proxy Surfing In my one of post , I have shared some easy methods to access blocked websites without any software . Just in case you need to know , click here . Now , generally the websites like Facebook, Yahoo , YouTube etc. are blocked using 3rd party tool .

Microsoft To Launch Windows 9 Soon !!

Windows 9

Microsoft is planning to unveil its Windows 8 successor next month. If the sources are to be believed , then , software maker is planning 30th September Press event as a day to brief about the upcoming Windows OS which is codenamed to be "Threshold" . This date might change but