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CyanogenMod OS receives funds from Microsoft to tackle Google

CyanogenMod OS receives funds from Microsoft to tackle Google
TrickedPC :- CyanogenMod OS receives funds from Microsoft to tackle Google

Microsoft is funding Cyanogen, the makers of CyanogenMod Operating System for Android Devices which is speculated as a move to take over Google’s Android Operating Systems. Cyanogen is in the midst of raising a whooping $70 million during it’s latest funding round and what came as a surprise is that Microsoft is the company which is likely to be funding CyanogenMod OS, most likely as a minority Investor.

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According to the recent report, Microsoft may be funding CyanogenMod OS and it may be a move by the company behind Windows Phone Operating System to reduce the monopoly of Google in he Android Market. Interestingly, Microsoft owned Windows Phone OS has the market Share of about 5% at the time of writing. However, the investment by Microsoft in CyanogenMod OS means that a lot more of investors will be attracted to the Open Source CyanogenMod OS.

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It has been stated in the past by Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster that the company plans to take Android away from Google thereby, reducing the Monopoly of Google over Smart Phone OS. According to the CEO of Cyanogen, more than 50 Million People round the world uses CyanogenMod OS and prefer it to others over Google’s Android. To further expand CyanogenMod OS, Cyanogen has partnered with certain device manufacturers like Micromax to make the phones with CyanogenMod OS pre-installed in their Devices.

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Certain market analyst believe that as per recent CyanogenMod OS News, Cyanogen has a whole lot of a better chance to break Android and iOS duopoly as compared to Microsoft’s Windows Phone Operating System. Hence, no doubt, Microsoft has decided to invest in Cyanogen. But, this alliance doesn’t means that next Lumia Handset will be running CyanogenMod OS but still, it is a powerful Alliance.

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What Makes CyanogenMod OS Stand Out :-

The Android customized by the Smart Phone Manufacturers have certain cons. For example, it is virtually impossible for a user to remove the Apps which comes preloaded with devices. These Applications are called as Bloatwares and occupy essential memory of your handset. Moreover, some of the Smart Phone gurus say that CyanogenMod OS is more secure just because it receive more frequent security updates and security patches. These security fixes takes months to reach to Android smart Phones. One of the biggest Advantage of CyanogenMod OS is that it is highly customizable and is way more faster than Android OS.

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So, Should I Try CyanogenMod OS :-

CyanogenMod OS is like a fresh breeze and is a more capable OS when compared to Android OS. But however, it is still not available for all the devices and needs some more work. but still, for all those who wants to have a change, It is a must try OS.

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