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Dropbox Is Testing An Online Note-Taking Service : Project Composer

Dropbox Is Testing An Online Note-Taking Service : Project Composer
TrickedPC : Dropbox Is Testing An Online Note-Taking Service : Project Composer

It look like Dropbox is bringing back HackPad which was acquired by Dropbox over an year ago. HackPad is a collaborative documents service company which was acquired by Dropbox. This Y Combinator powered Startup has gone on to become very popular tool for managing quick notes at the conferences, events and even in the classrooms. The main reason why it became popular was it’s easy to use simple design as well as it’s real time operating environment.

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But, recently, a service named as Composer which has almost same functionality as of hackpad has made it’s appearance. This service came to the notice by a user of Product Hunt which is a site which gives all the information about the best product on the daily basis. The Composer App is hosted on domain and is named as an internal project at Dropbox. However, accessing it is somewhat difficult since it will require the Authentication so that it can access your files. But this isn’t the real deal, what is a bigger problem is that it regularly shows the error that reads: “Sorry, you’re not allowed to use Notes right now.”

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It even instructs the user to send an email [email protected] in case of the error came up by the mistake. However, one of the user of Product Hunt says that she was able to access it. As per her, the site offers a great note taking experience like the Evernote on the Web does and even allows collaborative note taking features. Apart from these features, Composer can even add tasks,Dropbox Files and tables all in one line of the notes.

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However, it is not as what Hackpad looks to be in the past. Apart from the Dropbox integration, the App currently have no such bells and whistles which others like Evernote have but still, Composer could have a important play for those who uses Dropbox as their cloud storage. However, we are still yet to hear from Dropbox about the Project Dropbox.

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