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Facebook Bug Allows anyone to Delete your Pictures

Facebook Bug Allows anyone to Delete your Pictures
TrickedPC : Facebook Bug Allows anyone to Delete your Pictures

Every Facebook User has lot many Pictures uploaded on their account and Facebook offers certain Privacy features for security purpose which allows users to set whom the photo will be visible to. But, the recent Facebook Bug would have allowed Hackers to completely gain access over those Photos and even delete them Permanently. A blogger named Laxman Muthiyah have found out this bug in Facebook Website and reported it to Facebook, the social Networking giant and they took it damn seriously.

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According to Laxman Muthiyan, the person who found out this Major Bug in Facebook Security, he was able to delete Facebook Pictures from someone else profile. Moreover, the victim whose pictures from Facebook Account was being deleted would have no clue how the picture was being deleted and Who is responsible for it.

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What Was The Reason Behind Facebook Bug :-

Facebook Bug was caused because of a flaw in Facebook’s Graph API. Facebook’s Graph API Bug allowed anyone to delete the photo album by simply knowing the Numbered ID. According to the report, Graph API requires a token to mess with someone else Photo’s but the person who detected the Flaw in Facebook Website managed to trick Facebook by using his own token and deleting other’s people profile pictures.

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So, What About the Person who found out Bug in Facebook ??

Well, Facebook has it’s own program for Awarding the Bug hunters and offers great bounty to them. Hence, Laxman Muthiyah has been awarded a huge $12,500, all thanks to the Facebook Security Team for running the Bug Bounty Program. Earlier too, TrickedPC reported that there is a major security flaw in WhatsApp which allows the profile pictures to be deleted or even being recovered. Maikel Zweerink even designed a WhatsApp hacking tool named WhatsSpy Public which could easily hack in others WhatsApp Account.

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He remarked that “I made this project for you to realise how broken the privacy options actually are. It just started out as experimenting with WhatsApp to build a bot, but I was stunned when I realised someone could abuse this “online” feature of WhatsApp to track anyone.”

What About Facebook Picture Bug Now ??

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As soon as the Facebook security team was informed about the bug, they worked on it all the way and managed to fix it as soon as possible. So, for now, Your Facebook Pictures are in Safe Servers ……..

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