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Future iPhone can Protect themselves from Falling and Damage: Report

Future iPhone can Protect themselves from Falling and Damage: Report

[dropcap]U[/dropcap]pcoming iPhone may detect themselves that they are gonna fall. Yes, believe it. It is gonna happen soon that the next time your iPhone is falling, it may rotate in the mid air and hence, protect itself from the Damage. A Super Smart iPhone indeed !!

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Apple has been granted patent for a futuristic iPhone Protection. This system prevents the Apple from Falling by calculating the point of impact and shifts the Phone’s centre of gravity in order to save the Screen and other sensitive areas from the Shock.

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This technique is developed by Nicholas V. King and Fletcher Rothkopf and will rely on the Sensors of the Physical device, which in this case is iPhone sensor. The latest iPhone and iPad devices come pre-fitted with accelerometers, gyroscopes and GPS which will now be used to full extent.

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It is important to note that the Phone processor must be very fast for this because it is going to be a very quick process since the message from the Sensor will be sent to CPU and then, it will in turn shifts the Centre of Gravity of iPhone to avoid minimum damage while the phone is still in the Air and is still falling.

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A motor will apply a force inside the iPhone and hence, shift it to the Preferred falling side like the back and hence, protecting the Sensitive Areas like Screen,Camera etc. from damage. Lets see, what Apple has in the pack.

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