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Google in talks with Huawei for Nexus 2015 Smartphone

Google in talks with Huawei for Nexus 2015 Smartphone
TrickedPC : Google in talks with Huawei for Nexus 2015 Smartphone

According to the latest news from the rumor mills, Google may be in talks with Chinese Phone Maker for it’s next yet to be released Nexus Smartphone. According to sources, this all new generation Google Nexus Smartphone will be ready by the end of 2015 and will be up for sale very soon.

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But the additional news is that Google is planning to release two different Nexus Devices this year. These two Nexus Devices are different altogether in Specifications and the Device manufacturers : one is made by LG and the other is made by Chinese Phone maker. Interestingly, it is the first time ever that Google has decided to go ahead with the Chinese Manufacturers.

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The last Google’s Nexus Smartphone was made by LG and was a serious hit in the market. Although the reason for releasing two different smartphone in one year is still a question but still, if rumors comes out to be true, then, Google may be wide open to large number of the Smartphone manufacturers in China.

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However, the name of the company which will be making Nexus for Google is still a mystery, but, one can easily guess it going by the fact that the company in question is yet to decide whether to use it’s own chipset or use those of Qualcomm. So, the obvious choice of the manufacturer could be Huawei.

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SlashGear recently received certain photos of Huawei Honor 6 Plus rocking Google’s Nexus Brand. Although they are not real but yet, it gives us an idea about what Huawei-made Nexus Device would look like in future. As for what is the difference between two Nexus Smartphone to be launched in 2015, it is nothing like Nexus -LG Vs Nexus Huawei. According to the rumors, the Google’s Nexus made by Huawei will be an affordable alternative to the one which is made by LG in 2015. Hence, users can expect the Nexus made by LG to be real High End Smartphone with a really High end Smartphone. As for Huawei, one can expect maximum out of the money and Nexus phone by Huawei will be cheap and Low end Smartphones.

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