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Google Pleads Firefox Users to Stop using Yahoo and switch to Google

Google Pleads Firefox Users to Stop using Yahoo and switch to Google
TrickedPC : Google Pleads Firefox Users to Stop using Yahoo and switch to Google

Google has been busy promoting it’s own Web Browser , Google Chrome and they are doing it at the expense of Mozilla Firefox. It is evident from the fact that when you search the net using Google on a Web browser, then, a message comes on the screen asking the users if they are interested in changing their default search engine to that of Google.

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But what is the important part of the promotion is that Google seems to be urging Firefox Users only to change their default search engine to that of Google and their is no such messages appearing for the users using Internet Explorer. Firefox users which uses Google to search anything will be greeted with that of a giant box at the top of the screen which asks the users ‘Switch your default search engine to Google.’ You get two options – a grey box and a blue box. The blue offers more information while the grey box simply says, ‘No, Thanks’.

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As reported by Search Engine Landthis move by Google is more than a desperate move and states that Google may be looking forward to win back their esteemed Firefox users which might have been lost because of the Firefox Announcement last year stating that they are gonna drop Google as the default Search Engine for Mozilla Firefox and gave it to Google’s Diminishing rival, Yahoo !

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The move by Firefox has borne fruitful results since Yahoo’s market share in US jumped from 10.2 percent to that of 11.8 percent. Although Yahoo might have gained something, Google seems to loose just a penny. In December last year, Google Handled 75.2 percent of US on-line Search referrals down from 79.3 percent a year earlier. It is the lowest score for Google since year 2008 but still, Google remains the US leader in search market,ahead of it’s rival including Bing and Yahoo.

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Moreover, Google has been the default search engine for Apple Safari for last five years but this partnership is about to end this year and speculations are that like Mozilla Firefox, Safari could too be looking forward for another Search engine.

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