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Google Separating its photos service from Google+

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It is reported that The Google’s photo organization and editing tools which were once considered as one of the essential part of Google+, Google’s most criticized social network , will soon be separated from Google+. If the reports of Bloomberg is considered , then , Google is planning to make existing Google+ photo features into a product which is accessible to users who don’t have Google+ account.

The immediate future of Google+ has been hanging in air for some time now – VP Vic Gundotra, the head of Google+, left the company .Moreover ,the product wasn’t mentioned a single time at the recent I/O developer conference . But all being said , Google+ photo tools are best in class as being compared to their rivals like Facebook , Flickr and others.

It is important to state that the Google+ have updated it’s photography aspect over the past years while rest of the product haven’t changed a bit. If the rumour mills are to be believed , then , Gundotra’s departure marked the end of line of Google+ , yet ,the company is making a wise step to harvest it’s most significant feature . Although Google has it’s own standalone product , Picasa , yet , features incorporated in Google+ eclipsed it years ago . Well if the company’s image is concerned , then , it ‘s certainly a right move to make .

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