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Google to Launch “Endgame : Proving Ground” – Gameplay and Plot

Google to Launch "Endgame : Proving Ground" - Gameplay and Plot
TrickedPC : Google to Launch “Endgame : Proving Ground” – Gameplay and Plot

Google’s Niantic Lab is known worldwide for it’s game Ingress and now, Niantic Labs will be known for another thriller game. Google internal start-up has recently announced that it’s next project will be game only. The upcoming Endgame : Proving Ground is yet another immersive alternative reality experience but this time, it will be a part of a much larger and better world of Fiction.

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Endgame : Proving Ground will be created in the Endgame Universe and will receive the inputs from James Frey. As far as the Story Line-up of Endgame : Proving Ground is being concerned, it will be trilogy of a young adult sci-fi novels all written by James Frey but more importantly, only one of the Novel written by James Frey has been published yet and it is speculated that the Google Nianitic Lab’s upcoming game Endgame : proving Ground will be the adaptation of the only published novel by James Frey.

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The books will be containing puzzles as well as the clues that will guide the reader to a series of the hidden “keys” in the real world. Niantic’s upcoming game will be a part of the story evolving as the players will be joining one of the 12 lines of the humanity. Although there is no available clear information about the game play of the Endgame : Proving Grounds but one will become the champion in a virtual PvP battles with other players worldwide.

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Endgame will be out in beta stage later in this year. Lets hope that Niantic Lab will make yet another incredible product.

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