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Gorilla Glass 4 is simply better than Ever

Gorilla Glass 4 is simply better than Ever

Gorilla Glass has been protecting many Smart Phones for quite some time. Gorilla Glass has been considered as the toughest material which has been used in the Screen which prevents the Smart Phone from all the Damages due to fall. But now comes the age of Gorilla Glass 4. Gorilla Glass 4 has been launched recently which is considered as the toughest glass and is aimed to protect your device form a lot of shocks.

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The latest Gorilla Glass 4 has been pioneered to withstand the ruthless environment, scratches and all. Corning was the main company behind the development and the Idea of Gorilla Glass and the basic approach towards the Gorilla Glass is that it can withstand incredible Temperatures,a special tough glass indeed.

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Corning revealed that Gorilla Glass 4 is aimed to reduce the Damage to the Screens due to greater falls. Gorilla Glass 4 is expected to withstand a Fall from 1 m which is roughly equal to 3.3 ft on a rough surface. The fourth installment of Corning’s Ultra Thin Gorilla Glass 4 is even stronger than previous ones.Corning expects to commercialize the new Glass before the end of this year.

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