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Hackers Using Microsoft PowerPoint To Hack Computers

Hackers Using Microsoft PowerPoint To Hack Computers

Microsoft Office Users received a shocker when it was reported that Hackers are using a Security Flaw in Microsoft Office to attack the Microsoft Windows Users. Microsoft stated on it’s website in a Security Advisory which says that there have been “limited, targeted attacks” against the Windows Users via Microsoft Powerpoint. It is considered as a major flaw since if an attacker successfully exploit the loophole, then, he can gain the complete access of the Host Computer. If so, then hacker can remotely execute certain codes or install malware or key-logger to further increase the damage.

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What is noteworthy that this Hack could work on all the versions of Microsoft Windows with an exception to that of the Window Server 2003. As far as the question about execution of this exploit is concerned, then, it is executed as soon as a computer opens a specially crafted Microsoft Office file that contains a malicious version of what’s called an OLE (or object linking and embedding) object.

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But the good news is that for this Hack to work, it requires user interaction. So ,you need to have a consent to open a file containing an infected OLE object.As for now, Microsoft suggests users avoid opening any PowerPoint files from an untrusted source.

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