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How To Access Blocked Websites

Accessing blocked sites is an issue for all college students and that is what raises the question in our minds , How to access blocked websites at college ? There are lots of working solution to this common problem , but , it basically depends on the method used to block the website . The most common solutions are listed below :-

How To Access Blocked Website


1.) Accessing website using there IP :-

This is one of the easiest method to bypass the blocked websites . But , like I said before ,  it entirely depends on the method used for blocking websites . If the domain name of website is used to block it which is mostly the case , then , we can access the website using its IP address . Simply type the IP address of the website in address bar of the browser and hit Enter .

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2.)Webpage retrieval using Mails :-

There is great service available on internet called as Web2Mail. All you have to do is type the desired URL of the website that you want to access in the subject title , and then send the mail to . Although it is an easy method but yet , I dont recommend it because its relatively complex method .


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