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How To Find Who Is Connected To Your WiFi Router ?

How To Find Who Is Connected To Your WiFi Router ?
TrickedPC : How To Find Who Is Connected To Your WiFi Router ?

Now a days, people using WiFi technology are on a constant rise. While it provides the ease of accessing the Internet anywhere at any time in contrast to that of Wired connection which could be used only in the Desktop Machines,  yet, it has it’s own down part. There are large number of WiFi hacking software available in the market which can allow the the intruder or unwanted person to access your WiFi without your permission. This can result in not only the loss of Speed because many devices are connected to the WiFi Router simultaneously at the same time but it compromises your security in a huge way.

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While one should take various preventive steps like keeping a Strong WiFi password but what if someone broke into your Router’s security ? Then, the only way to detect the intrusion in WiFi router is by keeping a watch on the devices connected to that of WiFi router. Now in order to find out Which devices are currently connected to your WiFi Router, simply follow the following steps.

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How To Find Who Is Connected To Your WiFi Router ?

Before you proceed forward, make sure you have the access to your Router. In order to find out the currently connected device to your WiFi Router :

  • Firstly, Open your Web Browser on whatever device which is connected to the WiFi like PC, smartphone or even Tablet.
  • Next, you need to login in your Router. This is generally done by typing or in your Web Browser address bar and hit enter key.
  • The web page will ask you for your Admin Username and Admin Password. Type in the details and hut Enter key.

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  • In the next page which opens, Search for DHCP in the entire page. This is not the same for every Router and varies router to router.
  • Under DHCP option, click on DHCP Clients List. There you will see all the devices which are connected to your WiFi Router.

Enjoy and stay tuned.

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