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How to Make Microsoft Windows Genuine

How to Make Microsoft Windows Genuine

Microsoft Windows is the Most widely used Operating System because of it’s simple GUI and easy to learn type interface. Most of the people uses genuine Microsoft Windows and some uses the Pirated Versions. But, there is a major glitch in the Microsoft Windows which needs to be fixed by Microsoft. Although Windows shows the error message that “This Version Of Windows Is Not Genuine.” But most of the Tech Savy peoples knows how to Bypass it without even using any Software.

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I mean that by simply turning off the Windows Update and Typing some commands in Command Prompt will make all the error messages go Away. Then, I decided to test it and the Result came out to be good. What I did is Just go to Control Panel -> System and Security -> Windows update and simply turned off the Windows Update Option.

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[quote]Is It That Simple To Get Free Genuine Windows is Still A Question [/quote]

Next, I typed  “SLMGR -REARM” in CMD and here we go, All the Error Messages were removed and My Windows was Suddenly Genuine. So, Is it that simple to Get the Genuine Windows from a Patched One. Yes indeed it is. So this comes out to be the Major Glitch In Microsoft Windows which needs to be fixed and addressed as soon as possible.

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