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How To Make Your PC Fast Using Notepad Only!!


How To Make Your PC Fast Using Notepad Only!!

According to the recent research made by some researchers, there are two things that annoys the people most – One is the lost T.V remote and second is Hanging, Slowing and Not Responding of the Laptop. We can’t help you with the first one but we can definitely help you with the second one.

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Although there are various reasons for the Hanging and Slowing up of the PC some of them includes Using corrupted or Pirated version of Microsoft Windows, installing so many unwanted programs or it may be due to RAM issues.

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Whatever it be, Slow PC is the thing which needs to be addressed. Although there are many softwares in the market that claim that they could dramatically increase your PC speed. But there could be very dangerous since it could negatively impact your system’s  performance. But don’t you worry, here is another method which speeds up the PC and make it Blazing Fast without the use of any software. Till now, there would be galore of Questions like How to make My PC Amazingly Fast, How can I Boost My PC.Well, then Check it out …

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First of all, open Run by pressing Windows+R and then type notepad and hit Enter key.

Next, type exactly the following in Notepad :-

[box type=”info” size=”meduim” style=”rounded” border=”full”]mystring=80000000[/box]

After it , save this file on Desktop as Boost.vbe and you are all done.

Now whenever you feel that your PC is slowing down, simply double click Boost.vbe file created on the desktop and feel the difference yourself.

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