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How To Send Email Anonymously



Leak is free website which help one to send emails to anyone anonymously. In other words , your email id will not be displayed to the receiver .  It is sometime essential to send email to others and Leak is the answer to all . 
Please note that it should not be misused . The reason is being that a link is maintained between Leak and your IP address on servers. This is for security purpose, just in case. So be careful about what you send and to whom you send .

Steps To Use Leak :- 

In order to send emails anonymously via link , you don’t need to register on their website or give your email address , all you have to do is access their homepage from the link at bottom of this post , and , follow following steps :- 

1.) On the homepage of LEAK , Write email address of the receiver in to field . Although there is no limit of sending emails but At a time you can send only one email . 
2.) Next , choose the appropriate option from the drop down menu in ‘From’ field . Use someone if you don’t want to specify one .
3.) Now , all you have to do is write the content of your mail and send it .

Leak Testing
Leak Testing

Do share your reviews on LEAK and have any issues , feel free to contact us ……..

Try Leak For Free .

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