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How to Send PDF,ZIP and APK Files On WhatsApp

How to Send PDF,ZIP and APK Files On WhatsApp
TrickedPC : How to Send PDF,ZIP and APK Files On WhatsApp

WhatsApp has over a 600+ millions users and is not anonymous to anyone. Apart from the best in the class chatting feature, it has other great features like sharing Videos and photos. WhatsApp was lately acquired by Facebook and everyone expecting a galore of new features for the WhatsApp and they did by introducing WhatsApp calling feature but personally, I thought that WhatsApp should be have a feature to share any sort of the file including those of PDFs ,APK files and Zip files.

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Although it is possible to send these types of files using third party applications but it is somewhat lengthy in nature. This is where our trick to send PDF, APK and ZIP files over the WhatsApp. Simply follow the steps and you will be good to go in 2 minutes !!

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How to Send PDF,ZIP and APK Files On WhatsApp :-

  • Firstly, download and install Dropbox App and create a Dropbox Account. If you already have one, then simply login to it.
  • Next, Download and Install CloudSend App and launch the App after installing. At first, you will be given a quick tour and by the end, it will ask you to provide the app certain permissions. Authorize the App by clicking on Allow and proceed to next step.

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  • If you have done correctly by now, then, you will see a folder named as “CloudSend” within the Dropbox folder. Now, close the app if you have authorized the App.
  • Now, above was how to set-up the sending Environment. In order to send any type file using WhatsApp, locate that file in the File Manager and long press on it and select Share Option.
  • From the Pop-up options, select CloundSend. Then, wait for a While so that file is being uploaded in the CloudSend Folder which was automatically created previously. What I liked about CloudSend is the fact that it doesn’t have any sort of file size restrictions.

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  • After the Upload is complete, you have two options – Copy or Share. Select Share Option. Please note that currently, users can only share on platforms like WhatsApp,Email,SMS,Google+,WeChat and Facebook. Select WhatsApp.
  • After it, it will ask you what WhatsApp contacts you want to share the file. Select the required contacts and share it with your friends. And you are all done. Simple Enough !!

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