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How To SetUp BIOS Password ?

Setting A BIOS Password is a very important and good practice from security point of view. The reason being that unsecured BIOS can provide a Loop Hole for Smart Hackers who xan Gain Access to your website using BIOS . Now , before learning How To SetUp BIOS Password , Let us first see What BIOS actually Is?

How To Set Up BIOS Password ?



BIOS stands for Basic Input Output System. Whenever you turn on your PC , BIOS is the first thing to load up after POST and other important Tests. For smart hackers , BIOS can act as a loophole in a computer . You may not believe but a Hacker can access your entire computer using BIOS only. It doesn’t matter whether you have windows login password in place. So , it is very important to secure this loophole and making BIOS password protected is one way to secure BIOS.

How To SetUp BIOS Password ?

  • When your computer boots up , first thing to load up is BIOS . To enter into BIOS settings , press F2 continuously before windows logo appears . It will open BIOS settings.
  • After you have entered BIOS setting, go to Security tab with the keyboard arrows. The BIOS menu layout is not entirely the same on all desktops/laptops and it may vary from one machine to other.
  • Now Select “Set Supervisor Password” and Press Enter.
How To Set Up BIOS Password ?
  • After it , enter the new BIOS password and hit Enter .
  • Next , press F10 key to save and exit BIOS menu . Alternatively , press Esc key and press save changes option .
  • You are all done. When you boot up next time , you need to enter the BIOS password before the OS loads up.

It is important to note that BIOS password should strong enough and should be hard to guess for anyone . Believe me , It really makes your PC safe from hackers . Hope it helped ……


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