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How To Set Various Privileges Using Registries

How To Set Various Privileges Using Registries

Most of you must have wondered how the School and College computers have so many privileges and rights set which prevents you from performing certain Tasks like installing a new Software or Using Internet. In most of the cases, it is the Windows Registry which is tweaked. All you need is an admin account (or any other Account with Administrative privileges). Just Check it out.

How To Set Various Privileges Using Registries :-

  • Open Run and type regedit and hit Enter key.
  • Next, double click on HKKEY_USERS on left side. It will show the List of all the USERS.
  • Now, Go to HKEY_USERS\USERNAME\Software\ Microsoft\ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ Policies\ Explorer.( Here , USERNAME will be the name of the USER account which needs to be tweaked)
  • After it, right click on the right side and select New –>DWORD Value.
  • Next, Put the name of the key as “Tweak” . Now, all you need to do is put ‘0’ to turn OFF a particular Restriction and ‘1’ to turn ON a particular Restriction.


Put the Name as For the Restriction type of
NoFileMenu Hides the Files Menu in Explorer
NoActiveDesktop No Active Desktop
NoActiveDesktopChanges No changes allowed
NoInternetIcon No Internet Explorer Icon on the Desktop
NoDesktop Hides all icons on the Desktop
NoClose Disables Shutdown
NoSaveSettings Don’t save settings on exit
DisableRegistryTools Disable Registry Editing Tools
NoFind Removes the Find Command
NoRun Disables Run Command
NoSetFolders Removes Folders from Settings on Start Menu
NoSetTaskbar Removes Taskbar from Settings on Start Menu
NoNetHood Hides the Network Neighborhood
NoDrives Hides Drives in My Computers
NoRecentDocsMenu Hides the Documents shortcut at the Start button
NoRecentDocsHistory Clears history of Documents
NoAddPrinter Disables Addition of Printers
NoDeletePrinter Disables Deletion of Printers
NoFavoritesMenu Hides the Favorites menu
NoLogoff Hides the Log Off in the Start Menu
NoFolderOptions Hides the Folder Options in the Explorer
NoChangeStartMenu Disables changes to the Start Menu
ClearRecentDocsOnExit Empty the recent Docs folder on reboot
  •  After turning Restrictions ON or OFF, Simply save the changes and restart the System and you are all done.

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