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How To Unlock Pattern Lock In Android SmartPhones


How To Unlock Pattern Lock In Android SmartPhones

Many of us might be familiar with the Pattern Screen Lock in the Android Smartphones. It is considered as one of the most secure way to limit the access to your Smartphones , thereby , keeping the data secured from an intruder . But, many a times , it is possible that you may forget what screen lock you have set . In that case , you have Two methods to unlock tour phone . In this tutorial , we are gonna learn both these methods :-

1.) Using your registered Email id :-

This method is quite simple and there is no compromise of the data stored in your Smartphone. To unlock, Simply tap on Forget Password and then enter your Email id and password and you are all done .

2.) Unlock Using Boot Menu :-

Now, there are some chances that you have no Email id, in that case , your best bet is using this method. Although this is a sure shot method, but , be cautious because all the data of your device will be wiped. We will be using the Boot Menu to unlock your Smartphone. In order to access the Boot Menu , simply follow these steps :-

1.) Firstly, Switch off your Device .

2.) Next, Press Volume up, Volume down and Power button all at the same time.

3.) What we see on next Screen is a menu which says Press Volume up for Recovery mode and Volume down for Factory Restore. You need to press volume up.

4.) After it, you will see an Android Logo. At this time, Press Home Key and you will see a new menu .

5.) Now simply select wipe data by pressing menu button and it’s Done. You have successfully unlocked your android device.

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