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How To Use Your Pendrive As DropBox

How To Use Your Pendrive As DropBox

Most of us uses Pen Drives just to store the Data and installing certain OS. But, very some of you will be knowing the fact that Pen Drives can also be used to Carry Dropbox Files. Dropbox is a Cloud Storage Service and it will be great if One could carry all uploaded files in a Pen Drive and today is all about it.

Setting Up DropboxPortableAHK

  • Firstly, Download and DropboxportableAHKD. You will be getting an executable File and all you need to do is Extract this file in a separate folder in your Pen Drive. This Folder would be used to store your Dropbox Files.
  • Next, Launch the program and follow the nine step Setup Wizard. In the first screen, you will be asked your preferred language. Select the desired one or let Auto detect Mode work for you.
  • After it, the program will check for the network connection. After this step is completed, Select the Parent Folder for all your Dropbox files.

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  • Next step is pretty much optional and I recommend to use it only if you are importing your existing Dropbox account.
  • In next step , put a check on the options to get notified when both, the portable application and the Dropbox program, gets an update and proceed to the next step.
  • Next steps are for certain Manual Configurations like encrypting the Dropbox folder, etc.
  • Skip the next step and then click on Download Dropbox Files Button .

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  • After it,  click the next button to start the Dropbox setup. The Dropbox account setup wizard will load up and ask you for your account details. Fill in the Details and Proceed and You are all done.

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