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Is Swing Copters A Sequel Of Flappy Birds ?

Swing Copters

Nearly about six months ago , it was Flappy Birds which stormed the mobile gaming and redefined it . It was truly an addictive game and it was a personal guilt by it’s designer Dong Nguyen, who pulled it shortly after it’s release .

But wait , Dong Nguyen magic is bang on back . Now , this time , he is back with more devilish game ,Swing Copters . Brace yourself for another unquittable, punishingly hard tap-frenzy.

You will crash even more :-

The goal of Swing Copters is to safely guide a small creature with large eyes and a propeller beanie through an open-work structure of swinging hammers as he soars ever upward. “Flying with a propeller hat is not as easy as it looks,” writes Nguyen in his game’s description on Google Play.

It has a striking resemblance to Flappy birds because in Flappy birds , it featured a bird with poor flight ability . Likewise , in Swing Copters , it features a copter with bad flying abilities . But , yet it differs in one prospective :- You Will Crash More Often . According to Google Play, higher scores unlock medals, which in turn can unlock more copters .


Swing Copters


Swing Copters is all about finding the right rhythm with the controls. You tap at the right pace to guide Copter through the girders . It was essentially a sequel of Flappy Birds. A small delay between when you start the game and when Copter takes off makes it harder to time your taps.

It is a sequel of Flappy Birds with slightly more twists and better gameplay. All in all , it’s a must play game .

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