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Just Swipe – Android Game Review

Just Swipe

Here is our review for just Swipe Game for Android .Just Swipe is a simple yet addictive game published by idsstudio. The basic objective of the game is to swipe the screen as per the arrows indicated on our screen.

Sounds easy ? Certainly yes. But wait , not so easy as you think. The arrow keeps on coming on the screen. But What makes Just Swipe difficult is the fact that arrow speed keeps on increasing as the game progresses.

Other notable features of Just Swipe apart from loads of fun are Simple Controls. All you need to do is Swipe as per the arrow . Moreover ,the game has a Leaderboard Support so you can see how well you stack up against your friends along with Charming piano Soundtrack and colourful graphics.

Just Swipe

What we found in our tests is that it runs seamlessly on all Android Devices and have smooth animations. It is very pleasing on ears and , is very light on RAM . So, All in all , It’s a game to be tried and tested …….

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