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Killer Trick on How to hack WhatsApp !!

Killer Trick on How to hack WhatsApp !!
TrickedPC : Killer Trick on How to hack WhatsApp !!

WhatsApp is the most widely used cross platform Instant Messaging App which is used all around the world and it was acquired by Social Media Giant, Facebook. WhatsApp has a long history of bugs and in the wake of recent times, a serious Security Bug in WhatsApp allows any stranger to view your Display Picture without your consent. This bug was found by a 17-year old Indian Boy who have found out many bugs in the past for WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp engineers are trying hard everyday to curb any security issues with Security of WhatsApp, but still How to hack WhatsApp is most searched query on Google. Hacking a Friend’s WhatsApp could be fun and explores yet another loophole in WhatsApp as well as Google’s Android. This Article will cover How to hack WhatsApp, but remember, this post is written just for warning it’s viewers and is for educational purpose and is not for any hacking intentions. Hacking is a Serious Crime and committing one will end you up in Jail for years.

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Steps For How to hack WhatsApp :-

Their are several tutorials over the web for How to hack WhatsApp but we will be covering MAC Spoofing for hacking WhatsApp. Following are the steps for How to hack WhatsApp using MAC Spoofing technique :-

  • First of all, perform a full and clean uninstall of WhatsApp from your Android Smart Phone. It is one of the most important Step in hacking WhatsApp and you should probably firstly take a backup of WhatsApp to avoid any loss of important data.
  • Now, if you have to hack a WhatsApp of your Friend, you have to gain access to your friend’s Smart Phone and obtain it’s MAC Address. MAC Address of the Smart phone can be found out by going to Settings -> About Phone -> Wi-Fi MAC Address. In case of Windows Phone, you can find this in Settings –> About –> More info –> MAC address. As for iPhone, go to Settings –> General –> About –> WI-Fi Address.

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  • Now, take a note of your MAC Address too and keep it some place safe since you will be needing it after sometime.
  • Next, you need to install any MAC Spoofing App from your respective Playstore. Although there are lot of MAC spoofing apps out there, we will be using BusyBox for it.
  • Now, this is the most important step. Open the App and in the terminal, type “ip link show” in order to see a list of certain interfaces. You need to identify the one that has your MAC Address.

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  • Now, in the terminal emulator, enter “IP link set eth0 address XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX”. Replace eth0 with the interface you have identified previously and XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX as the Target’s MAC Address.
  • After it, reinstall WhatsApp and in the screen where you need to enter the Phone Number, enter the target phone number and take a hold of your target’s Smart Phone for last time for getting the message.
  • Enter the Verification code and you are all done with hacking WhatsApp Tutorial.

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Please note that our intentions for writing this post is not promoting hacking but making our readers aware of evil intentions. Please don’t try it without anybody’s consent.

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