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Lenovo’s SHAREit App Transfer Large Files Between All Devices For Free

Lenovo's SHAREit App Transfer Large Files Between All Devices For Free
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Sending the files over the internet takes very long and can sometime prove to be nightmare. Surely one can share that cool HD Video between two Samsung Smart Phones but what if you want to share files between your Laptop and Smart Phone? Here is when Lenovo’s SHAREit app comes to the rescue. Lenovo’s SHAREIt is a free app by Lenovo, a leading PC Vendor which allows you to send large files between your PC and Smart Phones on the go.

Lenovo’s SHAREIt uses WiFi Direct technology on the Device to share large files in couple of minutes. What makes Lenovo’s SHAREIt stand out from other apps is the fact that SHAREit allows a file to be shared in the entire group on a tap of the finger.Moreover, SHAREit offers more compelling and comprehensive Wi-Fi direct sharing service than we haven’t seen anywhere else.

How To Use SHAREit :-

SHAREit allows to share pictures,video and other documents between various devices like Android, Windows Phone, iOS and even for the Windows Desktop.Using SHAREit is simple.

  • In order to use SHAREit app, one has to click on SEND button and then drag and drop the files which needs to be shared.

  • After it, click on Send and SHAREit will search for all the receivers in the nearby range.

  • Select the required sender and your file will be transferred at a lightning fast speed. When we tested SHAREit for sending a 730 mb movie from our PC to Moto X, it took about 1 minute and 39of seconds for the transfer to be completed.

What Do We Think :-

SHAREit is a must have application for sharing large files at a blazing fast speed. And based on our testing, we would say that one should definitely try out this app and must check it right now from here SHAREit app.

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