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Microsoft To Launch Windows 9 Soon !!

Microsoft is planning to unveil its Windows 8 successor next month. If the sources are to be believed , then , software maker is planning 30th September Press event as a day to brief about the upcoming Windows OS which is codenamed to be “Threshold” .

Windows 9

This date might change but , yet , one thing is pretty sure that Microsoft will surely provide developers a BETA version to play with.

The BETA version is expected to have some new improvised features like new Mini Start Menu , followed by removal of Charms bar feature and certain UI tweaks .Microsoft is currently compiling builds of Windows 9 ready for the preview that include an early version of Cortana . However , it is yet not clear that will this particular feature will be made available as part of the technology preview.

Windows 9

Although Microsoft’s Windows Threshold project is likely to be called as Windows 9 , yet , the official declaration is yet to be made . All said and Done , Microsoft’s next version of Windows is nearing completion and the company will be ready to talk more about it next month.

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