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Motorola’s Shamu Could Be The Next Nexus

Mototola Shamu

Reports had been circulating around the web that Google’s flagship Nexus has been discontinued in favour of a new initiative, Android silver. Also, after the Google I/O where the company revealed Android One segment for budget phones, it only made the speculations more stronger that Android Silver segment is for expensive premium phones and there will be no more Nexus devices.

But earlier this year, Google’s Dave Burke, head of Android engineering and Nexus programs confirmed that they are not going to dump the Nexus program and  Android Silver project, under which new high-end devices will be produced and sold having same Google specifications, is definitely not in lieu of Nexus program.

Now after the rumours of HTC’s 9’’ tablet codenamed Volantis  as the new Nexus device ,a report by  the AndroidPolice  also confirms the same.  The report  says that Motorola is working on a new flagship codenamed Shamu, running on Google built kernel and it could turn out be a new Nexus.

“While we aren’t yet confident enough to say Shamu will definitely materialize as a Nexus phone this fall , we can make an educated assertion. Beside the fact that our information mentions Volantis and Shamu in tandem when referring to Android’s L release, the device is running a  Google-built kernel, something that’s definitely not an established pattern for non-Nexus devices.” says the report.

They are confident that Shamu is a real device under active development but they gave the rumour only  6.5 out of 10 in confidence level as it is a hardware rumour and hardware plans can be changed very quickly.

If speculations are believed, it would sport 5.9” screen , have a fingerprint sensor and run on Android L. It is expected to launch in November . No more information about the device is known yet.

As much solid information is not yet known about Shamu, we will have to wait for a few months for the confirmation of the reports. But it seems definitely that a Nexus tablet is in the pipeline believing the reported evidences that means the Nexus program is as healthy and active as before, something to cheer for Nexus lovers and yes , Motorola’s Shamu Could Be The Next Nexus !!

By – Amit Kumar
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