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Samsung Galaxy Note 4

It’s a profoundly bad idea to buy a new Android Smartphone phone in a rush. The reason being that there is always something new waiting for you just round the corner with something fresh in it. So , it’s of utmost importance to choose the correct time to buy one in order to maximize our satisfaction . It was just few years ago when LG was moving in the smartphone industry with baby steps and one could barely think that they would compete in smartphone market . Similarly , Motorola only used to release compelling devices on Verizon. But Now , there’s a hot new phone coming out in market every now and then .

One such Smartphone is Samsung Galaxy Note 4 . Something that smartphone lovers will love ,won’t they ?

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung releases a fresh air of Galaxy S every year , but , annual Note update is No Doubt , a bigger event for Samsung . While it has intense competition in smartphone market , the Tablet category  is something they managed to pioneer and still , almost dominates this market too.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is basically an enhanced version of Galaxy S with a few software tweaks in order to accommodate S Pen Stylus . Apart from offering handwriting input , It also provide better control of Floating Apps  , searching by image , and lot more . The S Pen Stylus uses a technology input from Wacom . The only OEM that can come close in matching there quality is Nvidia with DirectStylus Tech .

The other notable features includes Super AMOLED Screen in 6-inch range , but , resolution may get bumped from 1080p to 1440p. It didn’t happen with Galaxy S5 as is was rumored to be , but , Note would be a good time in making a leap . You can also count on better specs as far as RAM and Processor go.

We’re most probably expecting it to be a mid-autumn release . After the success story of the Note 3, all you can bet is that Samsung Note 4 will be larger than life .

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