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Samsung has found out a way to Double Battery Life

Samsung has found out a way to Double Battery Life
TrickedPC : Samsung has found out a way to Double Battery Life

Battery Life of the smartphones has become an important factor for the users. We all know that the smartphone battery life could be better. Samsung, the smartphone giant company reckons that they have found out a way to double the battery life of the smartphones.

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Earlier, what was limiting the battery life was the fact that the battery life was followed by the increase the battery size. However, Samsung claims that the battery life could be doubled without increasing the battery size. According to Business Korea, the new battery made up of a new graphene-coated silicon which is expected to replace the existing graphite cathode technology.

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For all the non techies, graphene-coated silicone material will help in increasing the battery life simply because it can hold a much bigger charge into it. If the new technology is implemented successfully, then, it would mean that you will need to charge your phone every other night rather than every night. Pretty cool huh !!

Safety First

However, Samsung reports says that this technology could possibly take about two to three years before launching it into market. This is because it has to pass the safety standards. Another important factor is the fact that the new technology should be inexpensive. Moreover it should also withstand countless many recharges.

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Let’s hope that Samsung brings it to reality.

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