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Say Goodbye to the Original Yahoo Directory

Say Goodbye to the Original Yahoo Directory

Yahoo has officially announced that it will Shut Down the Yahoo Directory on December 31, 2014. For the readers who don’t know what The Yahoo Directory is – It was the product which actually made Yahoo so famous. For those who aren’t familiar with the Pre-Google era, Yahoo Directory made Yahoo the most efficient search engine in first place.

The Yahoo directory was a human-edited directory of websites . So , if you want to look for sites about Tech news or so, then , you would have gone to Yahoo Directory and select the filters and all done!!


Most of you must be thinking that Why would someone go to Directory to search for a website rather than simply using a Search engine which was built for this purpose itself. But back then, this personally-curated process was a big deal. Moreover, Getting your website into the directory was equally huge.

But now, Yahoo directory is Going Away and Yahoo is gonna live without it .As someone who built her first website in 1996, and was ecstatic when that website entered the Yahoo Directory, this news is more than a little bittersweet.

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