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Security bug in WhatsApp allows Strangers to View Photos and Recover Them

Security bug in WhatsApp allows Strangers to View Photos and Recover Them
TrickedPC : Security bug in WhatsApp allows Strangers to View Photos and Recover Them

WhatsApp is most widely used Instant Messaging App which is is used round the World. Recently, in the past, WhatsApp was acquired by Social Media Giant Facebook Inc. which was considered as a smart move by Facebook to curb a potential competitor. There are lot of bugs WhatsApp which are in Market right now like How to Crash WhatsApp etc.. However, a serious bug recently discovered allows anyone can see user’s profile pictures even if the privacy is set to be viewable by friends only.

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According to a security researcher Indrajeet Bhuyan who is just 17-years old, there seems to be serious Security bug in WhatsApp which can allow strangers to see anyone’s Photos. As per the Indrajeet Bhuyan, this Security bug in WhatsApp seems to be a result of the WhatsApp for Android and Other devices not being Synced with new Web Interface.

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It is worth telling that WhatsApp updated App for Android allows to set the Privacy such that the Profule pictures could be visible only by Friends only. However, recent Security bug in WhatsApp means that the privacy of the user is at the stake. The web App even allows users to see the Deleted Photos from WhatsApp. However, this Security bug in WhatsApp allows the photos to get recovered once deleted from WhatsApp but recovered photos will be blurred.

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As per the security guru Graham Cluley in a recent blog post,”Sure, it’s not the most serious privacy breach that has ever occurred, but that’s missing the point. The fact of the matter is that WhatsApp users chose to keep their profile photos private, and their expectation is that WhatsApp will honour their choices and only allow their photos to be viewable by those who the user has approved.”

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WhatsApp engineers are committed for ensuring security as well as the privacy of it’s users and have incorporated end-to-end encryption. The apps for Web Client was first introduced on January 21 and many were excited about it. However, it came as a big disappointment because it has a limited compatibility and the functions were not as Powerful as the Phone App.

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As far the the founder of Security bug in WhatsApp, he has found many loopholes of WhatsApp by finding a small message which can be used for crashing one’s WhatsApp. WhatsApp needs to work more to insure better Security and privacy to their users and remove the most recent Security bug in WhatsApp.

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