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Sony Pictures Hacked : Biggest and Baddest Hack Of The Century

Sony Pictures Hacked : Biggest and Baddest Hack Of The Century

Sony Pictures officers were shocked today as they saw a strange image on their devices as they tried to Login in Their Computers. By the Afternoon, most of the computers became Unresponsive which dispalys nothing but a Scary skeleton image with URL Address and A shocking Threatening message from a hacker group.

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A Hacker group which calls itself as #GOP is believed to have successfully executed one of the Biggest hack of the year. What is even more shocking that Sony Pictures are yet to have the access of the Computers. #GOP is believed to have gained the access to a number of sensitive documents from Sony Pictures, many of which are named in a compressed .zip file shared at the posted series of URL.

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Moreover, the hacker group #GOP which have claimed responsibility to the attack have threatened Sony Pictures that they would release these Pictures if they don’t comply with their Demands. The Hackers had an access to the entire server which is known by the fact that .zip file is known to have varied data like Pictures, Pod casts etc. The hackers have even threatened Sony Pictures that they would start revealing the Data at 6 PM Eastern Time.

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Because of the hack, the day to day work have come to standstill because the Employees are unable to send Email, use their computers and can’t even answer the calls. “We are down, completely paralyzed.” In the official statement, Sony used more measure language: “We are investigating an IT matter.”

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