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Spam Message on WhatsApp can be Caught now !!

Spam Messages on WhatsApp can be Caught now !!
TrickedPC : Spam Messages on WhatsApp can be Caught now !!

Spam messages on Social Media Websites is not new with a picture of a Girl and asking you to click a particular link. But, WhatsApp seem to be also affected by Spammers as the Spam messages on WhatsApp is on the rise continuously. Recently, We received Spam message on WhatsApp from a contact name ‘Diya’ and thereby conducted the research on it. Read on to learn how to catch Spam message senders on WhatsApp.

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When we received the Spam message on WhatsApp from a user whose contact name was ‘Diya’ which was followed by a picture of a Women, we decided to investigate further and hence, we used True Caller to find the physical Location of the Women. When we used True Caller to find the Location of the Spammer on WhatsApp, we found ut that the number was registered in Ivory Coast.

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The picture then became crystal clear. Although the Display Picture for the contact of Diya was of an Indian Women, it came out that it was not legitimate person since the number was registered in Ivory Coast. This was the case of ‘Diya’. There are several other case and one of our reader shared one other case with us.

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It is a tried and tested method to use pictures of Women and sending certain Spam Links on Social Media and it seems that it is being used on WhatsApp to. Spam message on WhatsApp mostly includes a picture of a Woman and can contain a link regarding the pictures. However, often certain gullible users of WhatsApp tends to click on those links and ends up landing on certain Websites. These website could look like a official one but can be Phishing Website which can be used to gain certain confidential data.

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Not only this,Spam message on WhatsApp may even Include chain reactions of the messages. A report by PC Advisor Spam message on WhatsApp may contain certain messages like WhatsApp will be soon be charged and to avoid this, they have to forward that particular message to 10 more people and so on, the chain continues. Moreover, certain Spam message on WhatsApp may come loaded with some sort of viruses for mobile which means that as soon you click a Link, your smart phone will be infected with a Mobile Virus.

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Moreover, it will be even more harmful since a Virus in Computer can easily be removed as compared to that of the Virus of the Smart Phones. So, need of the hour is that user don’y fall such a trap of Spam message on WhatsApp with images of Woman on it. Moreover, one should immediately block the person sending Spam message on WhatsApp and if necessary, contact the cyber cell. As for now, it will be question of hour to find out how Facebook Acquired WhatsApp will sort out sch issues of Spam message on WhatsApp.

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