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The Control Panel may soon Retire from Windows 10

The Control Panel may soon Retire from Windows 10
TrickedPC : The Control Panel may soon Retire from Windows 10

Two apps existence in Windows 8 that drew many negative reviews were the touch friendly ‘Settings’ app and ‘Control Panel’. Many criticized Microsoft for making the UI design complicated unnecessarily and many find it hard to access many features in Windows 8. However, Microsoft made a note of the issue and hence, made the ‘Settings’ App more robust and capable with Windows 10, but however, these two Apps are still a part of Operating System but that might soon change.

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Microsoft’s head of the Insider Program, Gabe Aul responded to queries put up by some Insiders on Twitter and acknowledged the issue and even gave the pointers that the traditional program, ‘Control Panel in Windows 10’ may soon cease to exist in lieu of modern ‘Settings’ App. He even said that the existence of the two Apps results into utilization of more system resources and there is also a duplication of code in both these apps which have many common features.


Had the two apps be unified, then, the new App would be much more leaner, faster and will not overuse the system resources. However, this migration will take some time because all the features of Control Panel in Windows 10 are not yet present into the ‘Settings’ App which will take some more time. As soon as the migration of features is complete, it is expected that Microsoft will make sure to remove the traditional ‘Control Panel in Windows 10’ App forever from future builds of Windows 10.

Source: Gabe Aul and Brandon LeBlanc

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