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Trojan Regin World’s Deadliest malware Has Been Spying For Years

Trojan Regin World's Deadliest malware Has Been Spying For Years

Symantec researchers opened the day with a shocker, Most Advanced Piece Of Malware Has Been Discovered. The researchers are calling this piece of exploit as Trojan REGIN. The researchers say that it is the deadliest piece of malware which has been spying over the Computers since Years.

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As per the findings, the Malware shows a very complex degree of technical competence which is rarely seen. This Trojan Regin has been cleverly designed to Spy on the Computers without leaving any traces behind.

The software’s “authors have gone to great lengths to cover its tracks,” reports Symantec,

The authors which have developed this Deadly piece of Malware could be genius since the technical aspects have frarely been seen and the developer have gone extents to cover it by using Layers of complex Encryption to mask it’s activities.

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The Extent of complexity could be estimated from the fact that Even the Symantec’s Researchers have to decrypt the entire sample package of files and what they got was ONLY the idea of what the tool was up to. The most affected Countries includes India, Russia,Pakistan,Ireland,Mexico,Iran,Austria and few more.

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Obviously,such a type of complex tools is not designed to Steal your credit card number or your Passwords. It is believed that The Making of such a complex Malware is Possible only by a Nation Funding and according to Tech Gurus, US, China and Israel are believed to be behind such Malware and Execution.

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One of the Traces of the Malware is that it is remarkably customizable and have a ability to remotely control the Mouse And Keyboard, Take screen shots, act as keylogger,and even recover Deleted Files. These custom payloads “exhibit a high degree of expertise in specialist sectors,” according to researchers — another sign that a large state player is behind the software. One thing is still not clear that how this Malware executes attack. There has been one confirmed case of Yahoo Messenger which doesn’t clear the Air so much.

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