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Ultimate Guide on How to Install Windows 10 on any Smartphone ?

Ultimate Guide on How to Install Windows 10 on any Smartphone ?
TrickedPC : How to Install Windows 10 on any Smartphone

Microsoft recently announced it’s Windows 10 Technical Preview for PC as well as the for the Windows Phones. But, Microsoft made it it very clear that Windows 10 for Windows Phone will not available for all the devices but just six of the Lumia Smartphones which included  Lumia 630, Lumia 635, Lumia 636, Lumia 638, Lumia 730, and Lumia 830. This came out to be a disappointment for many Lumia Smartphone users because of the limited number of devices which is currently supported by Windows 10. So, the question arisesHow to Install Windows 10 on any Smartphone ?

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But recently, XDA-Developers found a way of installing Windows 10 on any Lumia Devices that you may possibly be using. XDA- Developers, world renowned for giving information regarding Smartphones bugs, Custom ROM’s and much more have developed a recent hack using which you can install Windows 10 on any Microsoft’s Lumia Smartphone easily.

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Windows 10 technical preview which was recently being released seems to run on High RAM Lumia devices, thereby, making it virtually impossible to flash Windows 10 preview on Lumia Smartphones running on 512 MB RAM. Although the update is available officially for Windows Phone running 512 MB of phones but it is highly unlikely that the Official update will be running on all the smartphones or if they do, they won’t be getting all the features of Windows 10 for Lumia Devices.

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Anyway, the update seems to be running quite well on Lumia 930 and a Lumia 1320 and as far as Lumia 920 and Lumia 520, Windows 10 is running but certain issues are being reported by users. As far as the Step-by-Step guide for installing Windows 10 Preview on any device, you can head over here. Generally speaking, This Hack of installing Windows 10 any Lumia Device works by using FiddlerCore in order to intercept the traffic which is going to the Microsoft WPflights server. It controls the Insider App which you need to install before upgrading to Windows 10. Moreover, this App will accept the registry information from the Web and acts upon it.

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As for how Microsoft Windows 10 Preview, the App simply Looks how your Phone Manufacturer Model Name only and decide whether it should be offered the Update. Devices like Samsung or HTC may need some different setting in order to flash Windows 10 on these devices.

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