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Ultimate Guide To Allow Only Selected Devices To Connect to WiFi

Ultimate Guide To Allow Only Selected Devices To Connect to WiFi
TrickedPC : Ultimate Guide To Allow Only Selected Devices To Connect to WiFi

Today is the age of internet and almost all the people are constantly connected to wireless internet. However, with all the boom, there comes a bane and in this case, it’s the security issue. Having an open wireless network could be a security risk because it will allow all those who are near your router to access your network. Even if you have secured your network connection using a password, then also there are easy solution for cracking the WiFi Password in market.

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Now, one can add a layer of security to your Wireless Network and it is not that difficult to do so and requires almost no technical knowledge. Simply read on and follow the instructions below. With this method, only those devices could be connected to your WiFi network which you allow and rest of the devices will not be connected even if your WiFi is without password.

Steps To Allow Selected Devices To Connect to WiFi :

  1. Firstly, connect your PC to the WiFi network. After connecting to the WiFi network, open your web browser and enter the router’s IP address. In most of the cases, it is or by default. If not, then you can find the same by typing ipconfig/all command in command prompt.
  2. Next, enter the username and password to login in your Router. After it, go to Wireless settings . In most of the cases, it is found under the Advanced tab but it differs from router to router.
  3. Click on Setup Access List to open up the Wireless Card Access List. Click on Add Button to add the devices which can be connected to the WiFi.
  4. After it, you will need to enter MAC Address and the device name which you want to allow on the network.

For MAC Address of the Smartphone, click on Settings and go to About Phone. As for the PC, open Command Prompt and type ipconfig/all in it and note down the Physical Address.

5.   Check the Turn Access Control On and you are all Done !! From now onward, only those devices whose MAC Address you have added can connect to your WiFi Network.

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