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Ultimate Trick on How to create a destructible Gmail Email using Dmail !!

Dmail is a Google Chrome extension which allows Gmail users to basically revoke or recall an email already sent. So , how it is different from the Google Undo Send option ? With Dmail, the best part is that Gmail users can revoke access to an email any time once the email has been sent.

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Another important feature of Dmail Chrome Extension is that you can make a self destructing Gmail mail. By self destructing email, we mean that you can set a self destructing timer say of an hour, a day or a week and the mail will become inaccessible after that timer.

What does Dmail Do ?

Most of the people thinks that Dmail deletes the mail from the User’s inboxes. However, it is to be clarified that “Dmail Doesn’t actually deletes email from the inbox itself”. Rather, it revokes back the email sent to the user instead of deleting the mail itself from the user’s inbox.

How do Dmail Works ?

The most useful aspect of the Dmail is that it works even without being installed on the recipient computer’s Google Chrome. This is because the Dmail service actually does not delete the mail already sent from the user’s inbox rather, it encrypts and then decrypts the email on demand only. Now, when the users who receive Dmail but don’t have the extension for Dmail installed in Google Chrome are shown with a “View Message” button which when clicked will open a new email in another tab.

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What Happens when the Sender Revokes back the Email using Dmail ?

Now, when the user revokes back the sent email, then, recipients are informed that “this message has been destroyed and is no longer available “. Cool enough !!

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