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WhatsApp Backup Now Goes on Google Drive Now

WhatsApp Backup Now Goes on Google Drive Now
TrickedPC : WhatsApp Backup Now Goes on Google Drive Now

WhatsApp users who frequently keep changing their devices have finally some good news for them. WhatsApp team is reportedly working on a way to backup and restore the Chat History of WhatsApp using Google Drive thereby, allowing one to switch from one device to that of another device.

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According to the Android Police , it looks like users are able to upload only the Chat History along with the Media except Videos. Although WhatsApp currently offers backup and restore options but it still requires certain level of geeking in order to get that chat history backup in a SD Card and carry along with you to other device and restore from there. However, according to the images received, it seems that WhatsApp is devising a new way which allows the users to backup their device’s WhatsApp on the Google Drive and restore the same on any other smartphone from anywhere using a better way, Google Drive.

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If the speculations are to be believed then, the feature of backing WhatsApp over Google Drive will be having an option of restricting the Backup the Restore feature over the Google Drive using just WiFi only or Cellular data only. However, it is important to note that the option of backing up the chat history can be enabled only at the time of fresh installation only and user has to choose there only whether to enable that feature or not.

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Although it still remains in the territory of Rumours, but considering the images received by Android Police, it seems to be true. However, there has been no word on the release of this feature in WhatsApp.

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