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WhatsApp for iOS Updated: introduced ‘Starred Messages’ Bookmarking Feature

WhatsApp for iOS Updated: introduced 'Starred Messages' Bookmarking Feature
TrickedPC : WhatsApp for iOS Updated: introduced ‘Starred Messages’ Bookmarking Feature

Facebook owned WhatsApp is most popular messaging service round the world. In fact, according to the recent report, WhatsApp is most widely preferred messaging platform in India. And Facebook is constantly making efforts to improve it’s WhatsApp by making the UI better and Lag free and also adding new features in it. Continuing this, a new update has started rolling out for the iOS users. This new update involves the addition of new ‘Starred Messages’ feature for iOS users only.

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The new ‘Starred Messages’ feature aims at allowing users to quickly access the bookmarked messages which also includes images,videos, and any other content for that matter, quickly. WhatsApp users will now be able to ‘Star’ a particular message by long pressing it. Then, the message will be saved and shown separately in a new tab named as ‘Starred Messages Tab’. The feature is also extended for WhatsApp groups also and works the same way as it works for individual messages.

This new feature of WhatsApp for iOS will be shipped along with an app update to version 2.12.7 and is available for downloading from the App Store from here.

What About WhatsApp Starred Message Feature Android and Windows Phone ?

Although WhatsApp released the feature of Starred Message for iOS users, but, Android and Windows Phone users need not to be disappointed because the feature is also expected to reach Android and Windows Phone users anytime soon. WhatsApp added a new custom notification feature to Android in August this year which allows the users to select custom options for the tones, length of vibrations for the notifications,notification lights as well as call notification  tone. Also, it allows users to mark a particular messages as Unread by hold and tap. iOS users also got access to WhatsApp for Web feature in August which was available for Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone users since January this year.

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